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Cultivating enthusiasm and curiosity for a zeal of exploration and a desire for truth

Having a “desire” or “enthusiasm” – as permissible as they may be – while engaging in an action and moving forward on their winds is important to be successful.

When a person takes on a task or even a hobby, the push of those winds will carry them with ease to the very end.

This is true not just for games and entertainment, but for knowledge and science as well. 

One may develop a specific curiosity, based on either the guidance of their parents, or their natural tendencies and personal engagements, or a number of different factors. 

For example, they might have a passion for studying medicine one day, and even in their childhood years, they may be interested in subjects like anatomy and physiology; wondering about the hand, the mouth, the eyes and ears, the tongue and lips.

Eventually, that wind of wonder will carry them to success. 

Contests that are organized within permitted terms may serve to satisfy such desires and enthusiasm; in that respect, they are very important, too.

I wish TV channels and the Internet were used for such purposes, and web-based programs were made to accommodate such competitions.

And with that if the scope of knowledge and thought of the youth, their horizons of contemplation, deliberation, and remembrance were made to thrive.

If a love for research, a love for truth, and a zeal for exploration could be cultivated, generations would be able to acquire something pleasant for their future. 

Indeed, if we are able to satisfy the needs of these generations with such projects, their interests will naturally be averted from illicit alternatives. 

There are some individuals who are filled with a great enthusiasm for reading and research, you may even call them read-a-holics, research-a-holics or maybe work-a-holics... 

They are "bookworms," who read each book letter by letter and fill the pages with footnotes and commentary, and who compare with other texts. This type of reading is rarely done by today’s generations, if at all.

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