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Warning bells of a new devilish plot

Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, on Sunday said government circles that have scapegoated him and his movement for all the crimes in Turkey are planning to assassinate prominent people in Turkey and put the blame on him and his followers.

"Do not think that this will be the end of all the persecution.

Neither for them the persecutors, nor for you the persecuted. They are not done yet.

When [their] corruption got revealed, they called it a "coup" and started tormenting innocent Muslims. That was merely the beginning.

Yet, because the conscience of the people found such an excuse unjustifiable, there was need for a new devilish scenario.

Which is why satan whispered in their ears, 'I have a new scenario for you, you can't think it up on your own, here use mine..'

"stage something that looks like a real coup; but make sure you do not harm anyone from those in power."

"pour the people into the streets, use your own guardsmen to open fire and kill people, and then put the blame on others."

"Tell everyone 'they did it.' Then, the arrest and jailing of the people will be justified in the eyes of the masses.'

But they realized later on that the rest of the world does not believe any of this; the elite, the intellectuals, the people of foresight are able to read into the play of events.

They are able to look at things from your perspective, and they think, "Well, we were told that it was a 'coup,' but some things are missing here; it looks to be more like a fabrication of those who call it a coup, a scenario of the devil perhaps."

Now the others are thinking, "So, what should we do now? We need something more serious, we need to assassinate a few very important persons, finish them off."

'.. and then.. ' Do you see what I'm talking about here? I'm telling you of things that are being talked about by everyone; things plotted behind closed doors, but now being uttered publicly.

They're saying, "Let us take care of a few important names, stir up some commotion in such a way that people will surely view it as a "coup"; and thus we will have fooled all those who haven't already been convinced."

"Let us change the public opinion in the World in our favor; because so far everyone is calling this a scenario."

The warning bells of such a plot have started to ring.

From now on, in one sense, they must find an excuse to be able to get away with the things they wish to get away with. And for the sake of that excuse, there's no limit to the degree of mischief they are willing to undertake.

What I am talking about is the upcoming third round of mischief and evil.

With the use of devilish scenarios, the tyrants will present themselves as just, the tyrant Hajjaj will present himself as the honorable Umar, Yazid will present himself as the honorable Abu Bakr, and they will continue on with their oppression and tyranny.

In that respect, those who stand before the door of the Almighty, those who wish to knock on His door of Mercy, must bear in mind that awful things may be awaiting them in the near future, and they must move forward with sharp intellect, foresight and vigilance.

May God not give the tyrants the opportunity."

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