Fethullah Gülen’s Statement on Coronavirus Pandemic

Fethullah Gülen’s Statement on Coronavirus Pandemic

I extend my condolences to those who lost their loved ones due to the Coronavirus that has spread around the world and resulted in the deaths of thousands. I pray for the speedy recovery of those who are ill.

I trust the public health officials, who are trying to keep this outbreak under control, to take effective precautions based on scientific data and experiences gained from previous outbreaks. 

As part of our civic and human responsibility, each of us should comply with the guidance and advice from medical experts and public health officials in our countries. 

Our human consciousness requires us to empathize with those who are suffering, regardless of where they are in the world, share their pain and do whatever is in our power to help alleviate the suffering. 

To take precautions for preserving public health is a form of active prayer. One other important thing we can do is to knock on the door of the God of all humanity with a grieving heart through our supplication. 

Both active prayer through taking precautions and our supplications to God are our duties as His servants.

Therefore, I urge everyone to pray for the health and safety of humanity at this difficult time. 

May God, the Most Compassionate, save humanity from this pandemic, cure those who are ill, and give perseverance to those who lost their loved ones. May He help all those who are fighting against this pandemic including healthcare workers, state officials, and volunteers. 

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