About Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement

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What makes the Gülen Movement different from movements of the past and present in Europe? fgulen.com
What is the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com
What is the place of moral and spiritual values in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com
What is the Gülen Movement's chief priority? fgulen.com
What is the significance of the history or socio-political context of Turkey to the rise of movements in Turkey? fgulen.com
Are participants of the Gülen Movement unintegrated, excluded or marginal people? fgulen.com
Is the Gülen Movement hiding an intention to make an overall, sudden change in people and/or in the direction of the development of projects? fgulen.com
Does the Gülen Movement claim to deliver overall transformation in systemic or global issues? fgulen.com
Is there a covert system of regulations within SMOs of the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com
Why did Fethullah Gülen stop lecturing and preaching to the masses after the 1980s? fgulen.com
How are the intercultural and interfaith activities of the Gülen Movement viewed in Turkey? fgulen.com
What is the reason for the Gülen Movement's interest in the media? fgulen.com
What specific media organs have the Gülen Movement participants established? fgulen.com
Why are some people in Turkey concerned about the Gülen-inspired schools? fgulen.com
Do the Gülen-inspired institutions outside Turkey have any effect on Turkey's foreign relations? fgulen.com
What does spirituality include in the Gülen Movement? How do the schools convey spirituality and moral values? fgulen.com
How does Fethullah Gülen communicate his ideas and to whom? fgulen.com
Does the Gülen Movement dictate the curriculum in the educational institutions? fgulen.com
How are the Gülen-inspired schools financed? fgulen.com
What is Fethullah Gülen's relationship with the schools established in Turkey and abroad? fgulen.com
What kind of schools does Fethullah Gülen advocate? fgulen.com
What was the response of the faith communities and the Gülen Movement to the 1980 coup? fgulen.com
What happened to Fethullah Gülen at the time of the 1980 military coup? fgulen.com
Who responds to Fethullah Gülen's call to support education? fgulen.com
How does the Gülen Movement educate people and contribute to society? fgulen.com