About Fethullah Gülen and the Gülen Movement

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Is there central leadership of the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com
Does Gülen use the term “Gülen Movement” or “Gülen Community”? fgulen.com
Does Fethullah Gülen exercise charismatic authority over the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com
What does “Hodjaefendi” mean? fgulen.com
Why has such widespread willingness to engage in altruistic action emerged in the form of the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com
Why do some (in Turkey in particular) oppose the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com
If the Gülen Movement is altruistic and peaceful, why does it attract such strong reactions, both positive and negative? fgulen.com
Are the education services purely altruistic or does the Gülen Movement have other political and material objectives too? fgulen.com
Why are social mobility and professionalization such important features in Hizmet movement? fgulen.com
How does the Gülen Movement nurture professional skills and leadership qualities? fgulen.com
What is the value of altruistic services in Hizmet movement? fgulen.com
Does Fethullah Gülen profit in any way from the services provided? fgulen.com
Apart from altruism, do The Gülen Movement participants have any other reasons for providing services? fgulen.com
How does Fethullah Gülen motivate people to offer altruistic services? fgulen.com
How is the relation of education and altruism understood in the Gülen Movement? fgulen.com
Does the Gülen Movement have a set of working principles? fgulen.com
Is there any difference between the Gülen Movement’s understanding and other conceptualizations of altruism? fgulen.com
From where does Fethullah Gülen derive his views on altruism? fgulen.com
How does Fethullah Gülen define philanthropy? fgulen.com
What is the drive behind the institutions and services of Hizmet? fgulen.com
What is the culture, unity and cohesiveness of the Gülen Movement built from? fgulen.com
Do service-network leaders or participants ever seek or offer particularist rewards? fgulen.com
How are these value incentives used in the relational service-networks and SMOs? fgulen.com
How does the Gülen Movement respond to provocation coming from outside agents? fgulen.com
What prevents Hizmet from turning into a fundamentalist or regressive sectarian organization and from breaking up into conflictual factions? fgulen.com